Floor Coatings

Welcome to Vinaka Floor Coatings, where you will find the widest range of Floor Coating Products that ensure protection & seamless uniform levelling on Concrete / MS surfaces.  

Floor Coatings

The industry verticals that Vinaka Floor Coatings serves include epoxy self levelling toppings, solvent free polyurethanes, Epoxy – Polyurethane (EPU), Deck coatings, Anti-Static system, Chemical resistant system , Car Parking, Decorative system  and other wide range of applications. NeroFlor coatings are with resistant coatings properties to chemicals, abrasion, mechanical, hard wearing, tough and extended longer service life to concrete.

Vinaka Floor Coatings Products applied for to protect from mechanical damages, Chemicals spillages, concrete strengthening, microbial growth, cracks, undulation, aesthetic appeal etc. It’s now an industry demand to protect this floor with brand suitable coating at this condition. An increasing awareness is now resulting in wider acceptance of floor coatings. We work closely with end users, provide free technical services and we inspect the Floor and submit our recommendations suitable for Floor.


Process of Floor Coatings

The degree of success and longevity of the floor coating system depends largely on the prevailing floor condition and surface preparation.

Primer Coat: Ensure that the surface is free from dust , sand and dry suitable for application of first coat of Epoxy Primer coat over the prepared floor and then allow it to dry.

Epoxy Screed Layer: After the prime coat is dry an Epoxy Screed layer of required thickness as per recommended Floor Paint system  is applied.

Soft Grinding: Necessary Soft Grinding process is followed to have even smooth levelling and to remove loose coating material of Screed layer for better finish of topcoat.

Sealer Coat or Top Coat: After the floor is soft grinded and cleaned. The sealer coat or final recommended top coat of recommended thickness is applied and then allowed to dry for minimum 24 hours.

Product Categories


  • Epoxy Concrete Primer
  • PU Primer
  • Chemical Resistant Primer
  • ESD Primer


  • Epoxy SL Screed
  • PU SL Screed


  • Epoxy SL Finish
  • Epoxy SL Clear Finish 
  • PU SL Finish
  • EPU Finish
  • ESD Finish
  • PU Coating
  • CarPark
  • Water Based Cementetious Finish
  • Wall Coating 
  • Decorative Floor

Floor Care

Choosing the correct floor coating system and ensuring correct surface preparation and application is just half the battle won. To ensure adequate returns on your flooring investment, due care should be taken. The following measures will ensure a better performance and longer life of the floor coating system.


  • Avoid water stagnation, wipe dry at the earliest
  • Avoid spillage of chemicals and solvents, if spilled, wipe dry at the earliest
  • Avoid spillage of oil, if spilled, wipe dry at the earliest
  • Do not drag objects
  • Avoid excessive impact
  • Do not drop sharp objects
  • Do not apply point load on the surface
  • Do not use trolleys with steel / iron castors
  • Do not heat on the floor surface or do “hot jobs” such as welding
  • Use rubbers mats while doing tool works
  • Use rubber-soled shoes that are clean from dirt & grime
  • Clean twice a day
  • Use mild detergent and wash thoroughly with water
  • Wipe floor dry and use floor after it is thoroughly dry

Why To Choose Vinaka

We are the professional and experienced manufacturers, suppliers and service providers of world class Floor Coatings. We are catering to some of the top notch Industries/workshop in India.

Our exclusive Floor Coatings are available in different chemical constitutions which address the specific needs of the clients. The coating will not leave any smell.

Our Range of products helps you achieve flawless finish by providing alternate products avoiding problems like orange peel, sagging, lifting, cloudiness, drying etc.

With our Floor Coatings, there is no need for getting through the costs of untimely repairing, which comes out to be quite expensive affair altogether.

Our USPs

  • High chemical stability

  • Competitive Pricing and hence Affordable

  • State of the art chemical processing facilities

  • Trained Manpower

  • One to One Client Consultation and Interaction

  • Adherence to Stringent International Quality Standards


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