Powder Coatings

We understand that what you are looking for in a product is better quality, durability, superior performance, corrosion resistance and aesthetic excellence. That is why we have designed our finishing process to excel in all those aspects.

What is Powder Coatings?

Powder Coatings are a blend of resins, curing agents and pigments, which are melt-mixed (extruded) and pulverized into finely divided particles. They are totally solvent free.

Typically applied to metal products by electrostatic spray, the coated item is then heated and the powder melts into a smooth, continuous and encapsulating film. When thermosetting resins are used, the coating changes chemically (crosslinking) during cure, resulting in a decorative / functional finish with superior performance characteristics.

Indutries Served

White Goods

In the white goods industry, we are known to provide the highest quality finish for both major as well as minor applications. The advantage of our corrosion resistant coats offer is that only one powder coat is required. Its applications span across a range of appliances including:


  • Air conditioners
  • Microwave ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines

Automotive Component

Automotive industry includes: Air filter housing, brake calipers & components, bright trim moulding, bumper bars, door handles engine mirror housings, motorcycle frames, oil filter housings, rocker covers, seat frames, steel wheels.


The furniture industry is a major market for powder coatings. They are used extensively on both commercial and domestic furniture and help improve both their performance and for their appearance.

Electrical Industry

Current applications in the Electrical industry include:

  • Fans
  • Light fixtures
  • Electrical panels
  • Other electrical equipment’s
  • DG Genset

Why To Choose Vinaka

We are the professional and experienced manufacturers, suppliers and service providers of world class Powder Coatings. We are catering to some of the top notch Industries in India.

Our exclusive Powder Coatings are available in different chemical constitutions which address the specific needs of the clients. The coating will not leave any smell.

Our Range of products helps you achieve flawless finish by providing alternate products avoiding problems like orange peel, sagging, lifting, cloudiness, drying etc.

With our Powder Coatings, there is no need for getting through the costs of untimely repairing, which comes out to be quite expensive affair altogether.

Our USPs

  • High chemical stability

  • Competitive Pricing and hence Affordable

  • State of the art chemical processing facilities

  • Trained Manpower

  • One to One Client Consultation and Interaction

  • Adherence to Stringent International Quality Standards


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